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Welcome to the Talentverse where finding great Talent is painless!

Looking for your next great teammate? Tired of wading through hundreds of poorly matches resumes or “profiles of record” that don’t tell you what you need to make a call? Here at Talentverse we’re reimagining how you build your team, with a focus on discipline specific profiles that answer the questions you really want to know, and not those you don’t.

Designed for you

We recognize that not every hiring manager or recruiter is fortunate enough to have a team of recruiters to support them with finding that great teammate. We recognize you’re overloaded and we want to help. The Talentverse has been designed to greatly simplify finding the Talent your team needs.
In the Talentverse you don’t have to search for great Talent, they come to you. No complicated search queries. No hours spent wading through pages of random results. No sending thousands of messages hoping for a response.
With our discipline specific profiles for both positions and people, we are able to filter and match only those folks who you really want to talk to, from day one. When a match is made, interested Talent reach out to you via our chat system. You are presented with their profile matched against your role, highlighting areas where they are a great fit, and areas where there are gaps. With this matched data to hand you can quickly decide if the next step is a call, or if you want to disqualify the candidate.
We orchestrate the entire process so that you and the Talent know where things stand at all times, taking friction and frustration out of the system.

No ATS, No Problem

We realize that in our early days here we wont always have a perfect match for you, but we still want to do our part to help make your life a little easier. To that end we’ve built our tracking system to allow you to manage all of your positions and candidates regardless of whether they came from the Talentverse or not.
Quickly see at aglance all of your open positions, and all of the candidates who you have in process with each one.

We’re just getting started

We are reimaginging how teams get built, from finding Talent to interviewing to Day 1.
Join us on the journey, find some great people, and help us make the Talentverse better for you!

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