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Reimagining how Talent and Teams find each other

Whether its called hiring, recruiting, finding a job, building a team, or any number of other things, one thing is clear — It’s a mess. With the advent of remote work there has never been a greater set of opportunities for people, or a greater set of potential teammates, and it has never been harder to find them.
When your next great job, or teammate can come from anywhere on earth, how do you even begin?
Traditional tools and techniques are failing. There are armies of recruiters sending massive amounts of outreach to hundreds of thousands of people based on very little information, hoping to find a match.
But sadly, hope isn’t an effective strategy.
The ‘professional profiles of record’ are sparse and becoming sparser as people hide from the incoming onslaught of spam. Targeting that relies on keywords continues to breakdown as the number of keywords to match on vanish driving even more poorly targeted outreach. It’s a vicious circle.
Applying for jobs is even worse. Typically clunky and antiquated, and overloaded with unqualified applications, they’re the last place companies look, with <2% of applications ever getting a call back. The fundamental reason is the same, there is little to no effective information on what the position actually is. Today you’ll often find multiple paragraphs of HR boilerplate, a few sentences about the position, and two paragraphs from legal. Is this a job you actually want and are qualified for? Who knows. So you either send off an application in the hope it is, and likely never hear back, or you opt out and may miss a great opportunity.

We’re doing it different

In the Talentverse, we’re systemically reimagining every aspect of how Talent and Teams find each other.
First, we put the Talent first in the Talentverse. No more leaning back and hoping that some random search query has returned your profile in the first few pages of results so that a recruiter reaches out to you. No more waking up to a dozen messages asking you to apply for roles in the wrong field or discipline. In the Talentverse, the Talent drives the show. The Talent sees all positions in the Talentverse that match their profile, and can choose to reach out directly to the hiring manager who is looking for them whenever they want. Talent profiles are hidden until the talent chooses to show interest in the position.
We recognize every discipline is different and has different needs. To address this we’ve created discipline specific profiles for Talent and Positions. These are tailored to answer the questions that the Talent and Hiring Manager want to know. No more trying to guess from a job posting if it’s what you’re looking for, no more looking at a blank resume or “profile of record” and trying to infer if the person is right for the team. We make it clear.
As a hiring manager, you only ever hear from Talent who are precisely matched to your teams needs. No more wading through applications that don’t even remotely fit, no more spending hours sifting through poorly matched resumes.

This is just the first step...

We believe for every Talent, there is a great team who cant wait for them to join. It is our job to connect them and remove friction from the process so that people and teams can get on with doing what they love, in the shortest possible time.
It typically takes months for teams to find their new teammate or Talent to find their new team. We are going to drive this to days.
We are systematically looking at every step in the process — from matching, verifying and validating to making interviews far more enjoyable, improving offers, and making day 1 a celebration.
We’ve taken the first step, one we are proud of and believe will bring you great value. Join us on the journey and let’s reimagine the future together!

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