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It’s Day 1!

Two years ago my cofounder Chris Abbass and I sat down over breakfast to discuss all things to do with hiring, recruiting and how people find jobs and how teams find people. Over the next several hours we talked all about the challenges we’ve faced building teams, finding jobs, and hiring people over the years. How the exponential opportunities remote work brought was stretching existing methods to the breaking point. How the new tools were actually making the problem worse, not better. How the “profiles of record” were often blank amidst a heaving social network transition.
We hatched a plan. What could it look like if we started over? What if we started with a clean sheet of paper, how would we do it? How do we change the system, so people can find the jobs they want and teams can find the teammates they want, simply, easily, and maybe even with some fun thrown in?
Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the (beta edition!)
In the Talentverse, the Talent is at the center of everything we do. Every decision and every feature has been designed to ensure that the needs of the Talent are met first. This is our north star. The Talent is first, just like in our name. We also love our hiring managers and recruiters and have built an excellent experience for them as well!
Our mission is to connect great Talent with the Teams who need them. We are here to help people make lasting connections, and do so in a way that brings back civility and respect in the process.
We’re just taken the first step in a long journey, and would love to have you join us. Check it out, kick the tires, and help us shape the Talentverse of the future!
The beta edition has functionality for all hiring managers and recruiters, but currently only supports position and talent discovery for software engineers. More coming soon!
Charles Henrich Founder / Talentverse November 9, 2023

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